Need a website?

I can build one for you.

I’m learning Full Stack Web Development by the self taught route. I’ve found the best way to learn is by doing so I’m looking to  take on small projects in order to gain some experience.

As I’m just starting out commercially  I can provide my services at a heavily discounted rate (compared to more established freelancers) for the time being.

I’m proficient in HTML, CSS  and JavaScript. I can put jQuery and Bootstrap to good use and I know the foundations of PHP and Python.

I also have a good working knowledge of WordPress.

I can provide web hosting space and purchase domain names for you and provide ongoing support for your website.


My Blog

Computer Science – What goes on under the hood – 3 Informative Links

  I’ve been reading up about JavaScript Engines and how JavaScript actually works under the hood. This led to me looking into how browsers work, and then how computers work. I strongly suggest anyone starting out in coding or software development to look into how computers work, how browsers work, and how your JavaScript code …

How the web works

When you type in a URL(web address) into your browser your computer then sends this request as a packet, which includes the IP address of the website you want to visit. The IP address allows servers connected to the internet to identify the web site you’re looking for. Your browser sends its request through wires …


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