HTML Headers

In this lecture we are going to look at header tags. You can use headers tags from <h1> to <h6>

They of course need to be closed like most other html tags <h1>This is a big header</h1>

Google will look at information contained in your header tags to which is uses to rank your page and display information in its search contents


<h1>This is a big header</h1>

This is a big header


<h2>This is quite a big header</h2>

This is quite a big header

<h3>This is an h3 header</h3>

This is an h3 header


<h4>This is an h4 header</h4>

This is an h4 header


<h5>This is an h5 header</h5>

This is an h5 header


<h6>This is an h6 header</h6>

This is an h6 header
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