Structure of a web page

We have tags that open and close, special tags are used to divide the page into sections called <div> tags. These are important.

HTML syntax – <html statement> text or info to display </html statement>

Example:<div>some text content</div>

HTML stands for hyper text markup language. It is a scripting language that tells a web browser to display a web page and the information on it. An HTML document has the file extention .html eg index.html

Point your browser at Then right click it (or any web page) and click view page source to view a web pages html code

HTML uses tags that are opened <html> and closed </html>

HTML web pages start with <!doctype html> — (which unsually doesnt have a closing tag)

Web pages are divided into sections – head – body. They start with <html> Then they have a <head> with <meta> tags and a <title> tag
Then they have a <body> tag

Sometimes css is found in the head enclosed in <style> tags but mostly css will be loaded from an external source. You can also use a <script> tag to execute some javascript code

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